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Harinas Saiz, 100% natural flours

This factory, located in Cuenca, has been making flours without any chemical additives or improvers for more than 100 years.

20 Apr 2020

Harinas Félix Saiz, an exhibitor at InterSICOP, has been making natural flour for more than 100 years without any additives, enzymes or preservatives. In addition, it makes à la carte flours for any type of artisan bread and pastry making, as well as for churros.

Among its varieties of flour, we can highlight extra, specially developed to adapt to the most demanding climates; fuerte [strong], which gives an extra robustness and aroma to traditional bread; premium, highly appreciated for pan de cristal and rustic bread, and especially indicated for precooked processes with controlled fermentation, and for pizza dough, and gran fuerza [very strong], which is ideal for processes in which the strength of the flour is essential for the dough to progress correctly.