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08 February 2022

Gelatoplanet: advancing in automatic dispensing

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The company represents Valmar Global exclusively in Spain and Portugal.

Gelatoplanet will be one of the ice cream exhibitors at InterSICOP 2022. One of the innovations that will shine brightest on its stand will be DOSY 3, Valmar's automatic dosing machine that is the ideal solution for today's environment. Not only does it facilitate ice cream service in the ice cream parlor, but its use can also be key to boosting other sales lines such as home delivery of the product. The dispenser makes it possible to serve ice cream easily, quickly and hygienically with little effort.

In addition, DOSY 3 is a very useful working tool for serving ice cream at all kinds of social events. And this means new business opportunities and the possibility of branding outside the ice cream parlor.