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18 February 2020

Gazacao, chocolate milk with 33% less sugar

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New image, improved formula and less sweetness. It's the latest launch from Leche Gaza.

In order to help families get the youngest members of the household to consume the recommended three portions of dairy products in a healthy diet, Leche Gaza, an InterSICOP exhibitor, many years ago launched the minigaza range of whole milk and chocolate milk products onto the market, in an ideal format for convenient consumption anywhere.

Now, in view of the growing demand for this product, Leche Gaza is introducing Gazacao, chocolate milk with a new image, an improved formula and 33% less sugar.

Gazacao is made with selected cocoa, not chocolate, from which the sugars are removed. In addition, 100% of its milk comes from farms affiliated to the Quality Assurance Programme which ensure animal welfare and guarantee absolutely hygienic milking of the cows and a milk-friendly packaging process.