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Gaza, Zamoran milk from local Zaroman farms

At the show, the company will present two creams from cows and sheep cared for with the highest standards of animal welfare.

08 Feb 2022

One of the purposes of Gaza is to value the rural world and provide milk of the highest quality produced in Zamora. For this reason, it has more than 80 of its own farms, located less than 80 km from its factory, so that no more than 24 hours pass between milking and packaging.

At InterSICOP 2022, visitors will be able to discover the benefits of a UHT cow's cream (36% and 38% fat, and in 500 ml, 1 liter and 20 l bag in box formats) and a sheep's cream in 20 l bag in box format. Both have an extraordinary flavor, are easy to assemble and come from animals cared for with the highest animal welfare standards and under the Gaza quality assurance plan.