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Fun and colourful bread with AB Mauri

The Funny Mixes range offers different sensory experiences for all types of customer.

27 May 2021

The latest launch from AB Mauri, an InterSICOP LIVEConnect exhibitor, is the Funny Mixes range that satisfies consumer appetites with its slogan “Bread can be fun and colourful too”.

Its products include Funny Mix Exotic and Funny Mix Violet. Exotic is made from lentil flour, red quinoa seeds and tomato, with a recipe that contains selected, high-quality spices that give an exotic, slightly spicy and original touch to a wide variety of breads. Violet, on the other hand, contains a combination of natural purple and orange carrots that gives the crumb of all the products its eye-catching colour.It is also a very versatile mix for stable kneading that is suitable for all types of recipes and pre-baked bread processes.