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Junior and senior recognition at the Women Bakers Forum at InterSICOP

Beatriz Echeverría, from El Horno de Babette, and Raquel Van Beek López, from Panadería Beekery, will receive awards on Monday the 21st February, within the Trade Fair, for their professional careers.

09 Feb 2022

The Women Bakers Forum, that will be held within InterSICOP, organised by IFEMA MADRID from the 19 to 22 February 2022, aims to highlight the role of women in the bakery sector, encouraging feminine participation in these areas.

Within the forum two professionals will also be recognised for their professional careers: senior recognition for Beatriz Echeverría, from El Horno de Babette (Madrid), and junior recognition for Raquel Van Beek López, from Panadería Beekery (Denia, Alicante).

Echeverría, graduate of Journalism and History and PhD in History, is co-owner of El Horno de Babette, founding partner of the group LA PEPA and chief editor of the magazine PAN. In 2008 she turned her professional life around and, after ten years of baking bread at home, opened La Cocina de Babette as a bread-baking school for amateurs. In 2013 she opened El Horno de Babette, which soon became a reference bakery in Madrid. She also started the podcast Contigo Pan y Cebolla and she has just published the book Los Elementos del pan (The elements of bread), where she teaches how to make home-made bread with a simple system that is innovative and intuitive.

Van Beek is a young uprising star in artisan baking. After becoming the champion in the Junior category of the Louis Lessaffre European Pastry Cup and participating in various high-level competitions in the pastry and bakery world, she became part of the Spanish team of artisan bakers. Her main dream was to set up her own mill and to open the Beekery bread shop, with a slow food concept whose success is based on daily work, a commitment to clients’ health and to bringing back ancient grains.