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15 January 2021

FM Industrial ST series, an oven for every need

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The company offers ST Pastry and ST Bakery for the pastry and bakery sector.

FM Industrial, an InterSICOP exhibitor, has thought long and hard about the real needs of bakers, pastry chefs, pizzerias and restaurateurs when designing its ST oven line.

Within this range, a highlight is ST Pastry, made up of the STP 643 and STP 642 electric ovens, aimed at the pastry and bakery sector. Both have a refractory stone cooking surface to achieve optimal results, a 5” touch screen, an LED interior lamp, a capacity for 60x40 cm trays, an independent ceiling and regulation of the floor temperature. And if we focus only on bakery, we find ST Bakery, which presents a score of models with measurements of 60x40 and 80x60 cm, humidity system using seconds and turbine shutdown which is ideal for working with fresh dough.