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11 May 2020

The experts behind the award-winning interior design of the Gelática Ice Concept ice cream parlour

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The Alicante-based group Arqdeco Creative Projects made Migue Señoris and Carmen Prado's dream to have a signature, original ice cream parlour with a touch of sophistication come true.

José Luis Hernández, José Manuel Muñoz y Ángel Conejero, the directors of Arqdeco Creative Projects 

Arqdeco Creative Projects, in Villena, Alicante, provides companies and businesses with comprehensive image services. This successful, award-winning company has extensive experience with construction, signage and corporate image projects.

In recent years, Arqdeco has become the go-to interior design studio for renowned confectioners and ice cream makers like Rubén Álvarez, Mario Masiá, Jose Manuel Marcos Candela and Antonio Sirvent.

In 2020, the company received one gold (application of corporate identity image) and two silver awards (best mass communication element and best image application in interior design) at the 21st Letra awards for the Gelática Ice Concept corporate identity project and application. Gelática, which launched in August 2019, is a signature ice cream parlour run by pastry chef and runner-up in the World of Ice Cream Parlour 2018 Migue Señoris, who took part in the most recent editions of InterSICOP with his wife Carmen Prado.

To learn more about the project and discover interior decor trends in ice cream parlours, we talked to José Luis Hernández, José Manuel Muñoz and Ángel Conejero, managers of Arqdeco Creative Projects.

1.- Is interior design an important aspect of ice cream parlours? Is it used to tempt in new customers?

These days, interior design is crucial. As the saying goes, we eat with our eyes, but the inside and outside of ice cream parlours, indeed all types of businesses, must be equally attractive, and inspire confidence so that customers wants to go inside and try the product.

 2.- What are the secrets to making a premises design work?

Our main task is to design projects that are both attractive and functional. We have always set out to create unique, attractive venues where consumers get an experience as well as an ice cream. Each project and client is different, and another aspect of the mission is to capture the client's personality in the ice cream parlour. It must convey a particular aesthetic, professionalism, a way of being, which is quite tricky. We harness years of professional and private experience and apply this to create a setting that identifies the owner.

3.- What are the current trends in ice cream parlour design? Luxury? Practicality? Modern, rustic or urban premises?

Our slogan is, "Don't follow trends, set them". We stay current with trends and bear them in mind, but when we design an ice cream parlour we need the client to trust us. Every project tells a story and transmits values, just like when you test a product, we just create the narrative.

Success story: Gelática Ice Concept

This was a significant project for us because we created the corporate identity, commercial interior design and execution. It was a turnkey project. This type of commission leaves us free to develop our ideas and give our best. We were only able to do it because Migue Señoris and Carmen Prado completely trusted our team. 

All the hard work paid off and the project has appeared nationwide in ice cream, decoration and architectural magazines, receiving national and international awards for corporate identity and commercial interior design.

"Word of mouth is our letter of recommendation"

Migue Señoris contacted us mid-2018 through a colleague from the Ice Cream Parlour World Champion runner-up, José Manuel Marcos Candela, with whom we have had a great relationship since we designed his ice cream parlour that same year. Yet more evidence that word of mouth is our letter of recommendation.

This project took us about ten months, the most laborious stage of which was the design and interior design phase. Then it took us less than two months from the complete demolition of the premises to the opening. By using our own personnel to carry out the work, the entire team became deeply involved in the design and technical details of the installation and quality finishes, streamlining the work and avoiding obstacles.

The leaf is the brand's hallmark

The decor had to convey a work policy, certain values and the clients’ personalities. We always set out to delight, starting with the customer, who trusts us to eventually surprise consumers. Migue Señoris and Carmen Prado were clear that they wanted a modern and cheerful venue that would attract young people. We created an all-round commercial image starting with a basic leaf, the hallmark of this ice cream parlour, not only in its basic corporate elements, but also on the roof of the premises with 700 metal sheets of different sizes. Inside, there is a ceiling featuring palm leaves and cocoa beans, with bright lighting during the day and a more intimate ambience at night.

What makes us stand out most is our involvement in the client’s dream: "after years of training I am going to set up my own ice cream parlour". Arqdeco commits fully to the dream. Of course we’ll give it our all! Fortunately, we have a large team of designers, interior designers and architects as well as manufacturing and installation operators, all highly trained and skilled. However, this wouldn’t mean a thing without the determination to achieve our goal. The best part is to be able to capture all that enthusiasm and experience in a place that defines the client. That's why we adore our work, and it shows.