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Luxor, upright display units to increase the sales!

21 Dec 2018

The Luxor New Colours series of refrigerated display cabinets for bars, confectioner's shops, ice cream parlours, and restaurants renders every environment even more special and unique, while at the same time providing every product on display with the exclusivity it deserves by offering the selection of three different colours, White, Black and Silver, all of which come complete with high luminosity LED lighting bars and capacitive control boards.

Display compartment in tempered glass with white screen-printed glass. With special extra-clear tempered glass on the positive temperature models.Lower structure in extra-clear white glass, complete with an integrated capacitive control panel with HACCP Alarms.High luminosity LED bar lighting on the front panel, on the back of the door, and the on internal ceiling element in the display compartment.Since January 2019, the range offers also SLIM models, designed for those who have little space available or want to diversify their display environments, while at the same time fully exalting the products on display.

With its different sizes and colours, Luxor has the magic ability to multiply the value of displayed goods, with the aim of increasing sales. Customers are carried away with temptations offered by elegant, bright displays that stimulate their desire to indulge in pleasurable, special, tasty treats.