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Proofing, chilling, freezing:
Three processes, one small footprint

17 Jan 2017

JBT is a leading global supplier of bakery solutions which has been providing customised processing technologies for a diverse range of baked products since the early 1980s.

Not all baked products are the same: proofing bake-off pastry is different from chilling flat bread or freezing ready-to-serve cake. Which is why JBT offers technology for every stage of the process from proofing right through to chilling and freezing, all designed to optimise throughput and appearance, with minimal maintenance.

The company specialises in modular systems that can be integrated to include proofing, baking, chilling or freezing rapidly and accurately.  In fact, the Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT® range of spiral freezers and chillers offers a self-stacking spiral design with a continuous Frigoscandia FRIGoBELT® conveyor that can complete the proofing, chilling and freezing processes in one small footprint.

"The trend for 'thaw-and-serve' or 'bake-off' products can provide retailers with increased profits," comments Torbjörn Persson, JBTs portfolio and applications director.

"However, manufacturing frozen or ready-to-bake products in large volumes can be very challenging. It requires a customised approach to proofing, baking, chilling, and freezing to make sure the end product looks, tastes and feels fresh when it’s baked later at the retail location, or presented to the customer."

According to Persson, the key essentials for successful proofing are accurate control of temperature, air direction and relative humidity.

"With a Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT® proofer the air is tempered and humidified before it’s transferred through the product zone by the fan, providing a uniform treatment over the entire width of the belt and throughout the stack. The humidity and temperature controls operate independently, ensuring even conditions and preventing the dough from becoming stressed by irregular or changing conditions throughout the proofing phase."

The Frigoscandia range of proofers, freezers and chillers can be integrated with the Double D Continuous Baking Oven or the Formcook Combi Oven to provide full in-line baking processes.

JBT's latest innovation is the Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT® 40 Spiral Freezer. The new freezer has evolved from one of JBT's best selling products, the GYRoCOMPACT Classic 400 Spiral Freezer, which has sold over 1,100 units throughout the world.

Ideal for smaller manufacturers, the GYRoCOMPACT 40 has a footprint of only 6.5 metres long and 2.4 metres wide. In fact, it's so compact it can be shipped as one single piece of equipment, although its capacity is up to 40 por ciento higher than any competitor freezer of a similar size.

The latest technology in the GYRoCOMPACT 40 replaces the outdated wagon drive with the company's patented FRIGoDRIVE® system providing a number of benefits. These include 30 por ciento faster belt speeds, even more advanced hygiene features, lower running and maintenance costs, and improved serviceability.

JBT also offers the ADVANTEC™ Impingement Freezer. Ideal for quick-freezing small or thin products, it will also stabilise soft food and sticky confectionery before further processing.

JBT has Food Technology Centres near Edinburgh in the UK and Helsingborg in Sweden, where customers come to test equipment at first hand with a trained technical team.