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HOBART presents new undercounter dishwashers

Offenburg – New display with touch screen, unbeatable drying result, warewashing 4.0 with the WASHSMART app: At the INTERISCOP 2019 in Madrid HOBART will present its undercounter dishwashers with the four newly developed features which will noticeably simplify the daily dishwashing routine. Furthermore, the world market leader for commercial warewashing will give an insight into its wide product range for the bakery industry.

02 Jan 2019

Undercounter dishwasher

Drying wet wash ware is laborious and time consuming: the HOBART TOP-DRY drying provides you with first-rate drying results. Here, once the washing process is complete, the humid air is converted using a hydro-thermal energy storage system, and re-introduced into the wash chamber as hot drying air. This prevents moisture from depositing on the wash ware, and tableware and glasses no longer need to be dried and polished by hand. This saves plenty of time and makes life easier for the staff – particularly when things are busy. Being particularly silent, the new machines are perfect for use in the counter area of bakeries with coffee shop, patisseries and bistros.     

Eliminating the escape of steam during washing, drying and opening the dishwasher, the machine feature VAPOSTOP² ensures an agreeable room climate. The front of the new undercounter models is characterised by their new contemporary design. The VISIOTRONIC-TOUCH control provides a touch display as well as the time-proven single-button control.

Smart dishwashing with the HOBART WASHSMART app

The HOBART WASHSMART app allows you to call up comprehensive information on the status of the new glass and dishwashers at the push of a button. Among other features, the app informs the end customer well in advance of due maintenance dates, or chemical consumption and displays any system messages. Based on this data the user can avoid standstill, re-order consumables directly via the app, and provide first information to the service technician in advance. Meanwhile, users can resort to the troubleshooting advice in the app to remedy minor malfunctions themselves. If the problem still cannot be solved, the customer contacts the customer service or a qualified service partner directly via the HOBART app.

HOBART hood-type and utensil washers

Dishes, boxes, containers or pots and pans – the HOBART hood-type and utensil washers are the perfect all-rounders. The wide range of models offers various options for reducing the operating costs and increasing the output. At the same time, they meet the most exacting demands in the wash result. Forget about manual pre-washing thanks to the PERMANENT-CLEAN automatic soil removal: You can put the dishes directly into the rack. All food residues are guided into an external sieve through the filter system. This reduces the costs and protects the machine.

Furthermore, the HOBART hood-type and utensil washers are characterised by a particularly intelligent dishwashing feature: The SENSO-ACTIVE resource management function constantly monitors the quality of the water and adapts the water consumption accordingly. For low amounts of soil, the water consumption remains low; for higher levels of soil, it is increased. Due to the innovative use of resources alone, operating costs are reduced by 20 por ciento compared to conventional machines, without any compromise to the perfect wash result.

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