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GENIUS spiral mixer

VMI is launching his new range of spiral mixers: Genius. The kneader has been designed to improve the working conditions of the bakers, while rising their efficacity

02 Jan 2019

The new range of spiral mixers Genius has been designed to bring more comfort for the bakers, while increasing the productivity of the bakery. Genius guarantees a perfectly homogeneous mixing with a fast kneading, keeping the blowing-shearing-extension balance required for an optimal dough. User-friendliness has been optimized, with a pedal built into the frame to move the kneader more easily. A water supply has been fitted to add water easily to the dough. The cleaning phase is also easier and faster. As retention areas and visible screws have been limited, flour and dough residues are significantly reduced. To protect bakers from flour dust, the Genius is equipped with a transparent cover made from PETG, featuring an access door to add ingredients during kneading. The machine is therefore compliant with CE standards, a criterion that is required for use on the European territory. The Genius kneader, from 60kg to 160kg of dough capacity, is the universal machine, designed to mix all the doughs a baker could think of, from the firmest to the most hydrated. Ease of use and robustness are translated into such features as the dual driving system and the shape of the spiral, forged by VMI, to knead all types of flour. The dashboard allows for easy, efficient kneading, with a double timer controlling two tool speeds and programmable pre-mixing/kneading time if necessary. A second version of the GENIUS (EV) includes the double speed variation of tool-bowl and a digital dashboard.


Company profile:

VMI’s offer covers the whole of the global market of bakery, viennese pastry and pastry, as well as products specific to each segment. It includes many services, from R&D (Research & Development) support to start-off. Since 1945, we have been working hand-in-hand with our customers to lead them to success. Our objective is to provide reliable mixing solutions that our customers can rely on to ensure unrivalled repeatability of their products and optimum productivity. We are the leading manufacturer of kneaders, planetary mixers and mixers for artisan and industrial bakers, with the world’s most comprehensive range of mixing equipment. As an artisan bakers’ true partner, VMI designs versatile and easy-to-use mixers to save a maximum of time daily. With legacy brands such as Mahot, Rex, Phebus, VMI kneaders offer the best kneading performance. VMI is an international company with a network of representatives and dealers who cover every region in the world. We have been continuously developing various markets in the world, respecting the cultures, regulations and habits specific to each country.