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20 April 2020

Eight out of ten Spaniards regularly drink coffee

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According to a Java Republic study, coffee with milk is the preferred format and 70% of consumers would be willing to consume sustainable coffee.

What do the Spanish think about coffee? Do they take sustainability in the production process into account? According to the “Study on coffee drinking habits of the Spanish” carried out by Java Republic, a carbon neutral roaster and provider of premium coffee and 100% organic tea, 64% drink between one and two cups a day, and many do so for the taste (63%) and to start the day with energy (50%).

This report also reveals that café con leche or coffee with milk is the favourite for six out of ten Spaniards. They are followed by the cortado (21%), the cappuccino (14%) and black (11%). Regarding the type bean roast, 35% opt for a medium roast, while 13% prefer a stronger one like the dark, and only one in ten prefer a light roast.

And what is considered the key to a quality coffee? According to this study, for 80%, flavour is one of the main characteristics, along with aroma (64%) and origin (19%). Finally, although sustainability is an important factor to considering a coffee as premium, 74% do not take into account whether the coffee they drink is currently produced in a sustainable way. Seven out of ten, however, would be willing to consume ethical coffee.