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19 May 2020

Diva, washing innovation distributed by Frigicoll

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The new front-loading dishwasher from Comenda, a brand distributed in Spain by Frigicoll, combines water flow, efficiency and ergonomics.

The latest product launch from Comenda, a brand distributed in Spain by InterSICOP exhibitor Frigicoll, is the Diva front-loading dishwasher. Designed with two completely independent wash systems in two compartments, it is very easy to use and its compact design meets the most complex configurations.

The user can fill the two compartments on two widely spaced levels with a capacity of 48 plates per cycle, which is three times more than a hood machine. Likewise, the loading of the machine is carried out directly depending on the flow or with the compartments previously prepared, and it has a RED (external waste collector) that offers the possibility of connection to a demineraliser.

Practical and innovative, Diva allows twice as many dishes to be washed in half the time, saving time and space, and it has a double front-loading basket to make the most of every inch of space.