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08 February 2022

Diosna, dough mixer for artisanal and industrial production

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The new HygienicDesign Wendel Mixer offers efficient processes, superior dough quality and wide range of applications.

In 2019, Diosna introduced the first model of Hygienic Design, a series that is constantly expanding: a Wendel mixer with open design and profiles to reduce contamination space, with bottom discharge and electric drive for safe IP66 low-pressure cleaning.

In September 2021, it launched the newest member of the family, HygienicDesign Wendel Mixer with removable bowl and a batch size of 240 kg, the WH 240 A. In addition to the open design, the mixer is executed with electric clamps to fix the trough. The compact mixer can be used in artisan bakeries as well as for fully automated large-scale production integrated into a linear conveying mixing system. Furthermore, this model, which will be on display at InterSICOP 2022, ensures efficient processes, superior dough quality and a wide range of applications.