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19 January 2022

Coverpan: Biodegradable and compostable packaging

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The company has been reinventing its products for years to be at the forefront and offer the latest innovations in sustainable bags and reels.

Coverpan will surprise at InterSICOP 2022 with two biodegradable and compostable solutions of bio-based origin. 

On the one hand, Biomap, multilayer film reels with barrier properties for gas-flushed packaging in automatic machines. Recommended in the food industry for pre-cooked food, meat and sausages, pastries, nuts, chips or snacks, they offer low temperature sealing from 85ºC, have excellent twist and are suitable for packaging in vertical automatic machines and horizontal flowpack machines.

On the other hand, CVBIODOYPACK, doypack-type paper bags made of various combinations of compostable materials laminated together and with a fold at the bottom. This is a modern and functional solution, ideal for packaging a wide variety of products in liquid, solid or powder form.