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Corman and Elle & Vire, dairy products for chefs

Las dos marcas, presentes en el Salón, son aliadas de grandes pasteleros.

08 Feb 2022

At InterSICOP 2022, Corman will unveil a complete range of butters: Dairy Butter, ideal for the kneading and laminating processes of bakery and pastry applications; Patisy Butter, suitable for achieving high-quality croissants and puff pastries; Concentrated Butter 99.9%, which has exceptional consistency, extensibility and recovery qualities, despite high ambient temperatures, so it can withstand all working constraints in the preparation of croissants and puff pastries; and Butter 82%, with a delicate emulsion that gives it an exceptional bacteriological quality.

For its part, Elle & Vire will showcase a French cream cheese distinguished by an intensely fresh and very creamy flavor, as well as a spongy and easy-to-work texture. /