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The consumer of the future, more aware of sustainability and health

According to the fourth edition of the Puratos Taste Tomorrow study, the consumption of vegan products and more natural organic options will skyrocket in the coming years.

26 Nov 2021

A user more aware of sustainability and health. This is how the consumer of the future will be, according to the fourth edition of Taste Tomorrow, a report prepared by Puratos on trends in bakery, pastry and chocolate consumption, and presented at a press conference at the company's headquarters in Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid).

Prepared from the opinion of more than 18,000 consumers from 44 different countries, this study highlights the importance of awareness at the time of purchase. On the one hand, at a sustainable level, which is why the consumption of vegan foods will skyrocket in the coming years. And, on the other hand, at the health level, with the commitment to products that are perceived as beneficial for certain parts of the body. In this line, an upward trend is the substitution of processed foods for organic options that are more natural or that are seen as healthier.  

The pandemic has also caused changes in consumer attitudes, especially in terms of shopping experience and convenience. Lockdown has led to a growth in delivery and online sales services, something which, according to Taste Tomorrow, will also evolve to Figital, that is, the coexistence of the digital channel and the physical point of sale. What will not change is buying criteria, which will continue to be led by the taste of the products.