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Coloma García, ingredients for the preparation or accompaniment of desserts

In this family business, high quality artisanal products are manufactured that can be used for various uses, whether to decorate, flavour or create desserts.

15 Jan 2021

At Coloma García, an InterSICOP exhibitor, they make typical artisanal sweets from Jijona, some of them designed to decorate and provide added flavour, while others are more functional, being very useful for making liquid nougat and nougat blocks. These are usually ground until a uniform paste with a characteristic flavour is obtained, which is ideal for incorporating into all types of pastries. 

Within the functional category we also find ingredients that, despite their small size, add a significant touch to desserts and ice creams: caramel sugar, inverted or ground, orange blossom honey, peanuts covered in dark chocolate or caramelised with salt, ground almond and candied egg yolk following the company's traditional recipe.