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CEOPPAN arranges debates with Ibero-American bakers, Los Espigas masterclasses and reflections on training at InterSICOP LIVEConnect

In this online edition, the Confederation has prepared online activities to discuss the main issues currently affecting the bread sector.

15 Feb 2021

The Spanish Confederation of Bakers and Confectioners (CEOPPAN) will once again play a very active role in organising bakery sector activities at the forthcoming edition of InterSICOP. This year's edition, because of the coronavirus, is to be held from 1 to 28 March in an online format called InterSICOP LIVEConnect.

Specifically, CEOPPAN is scheduling "a series of online activities aimed at both Spanish and Ibero-American bakers and confectioners" according to its new president, Eduardo Villar, who was appointed last October. 

Villar is optimistic about the online InterSICOP LIVEConnect format and hopes it will help the sector to raise awareness of “the importance of an international fair like InterSICOP”. Moreover, he is convinced "it will see help the sector debate the main issues currently facing it and establish a bridge with the next face-to-face event in 2022".

Activities programme organised by CEOPPAN

  • Los Espigas Masterclass: “The Bakery: day-to-day".

During this masterclass, the competitors who are to participate in the 2022 National Artisan Bakery Championship, which will take place at the next face-to-face edition of InterSICOP, will be introduced.

  • Inter-American Bakery Day: The post-COVID bakery

Discussion forum:

- Training

- Innovation (strategic approaches: healthy breads - tasty breads)

- Dissemination (strategic approaches: nutrition - sustainability - gastronomy)

Participating countries: Peru - Colombia - Mexico - Brazil - Argentina - Chile - Uruguay - Venezuela

  • Bread technology conference with technology centres

Discussion forum:

- Digitalisation

- Sustainability

- Healthy breads

- European Projects

Participating technology centres: CETECE (Castilla y León) - IATA (Valencia) - CNTA (Navarra) - CTIC-CITA (La Rioja)

  • Training with bakery schools from CEOPPAN guilds and associations - Bakery Module

    Discussion forum: Adaptation of current training models to sector needs.

  • Healthy dietary recommendations on the consumption of bread, gluten, new cereals

Speaker: Dr. Beatriz Navia

  • Recomendaciones dietéticas saludables sobre el consumo del pan, gluten, nuevos cereales

Ponente: Dra. Beatriz Navia

  • "Good morning with bread” campaign

Speakers: Incerhpan/Agencia Tactis

  • Presentations of important industry figures