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Carpigiani teaches you for free how to make take-away and delivery profitable

With its Ice Cream Crystal programme you can easily create ice cream-based desserts.

15 Jan 2021

Carpigiani, an InterSICOP exhibitor, has launched the free online course entitled “High profitability of take-away products with Helado Crystal”, aimed at professionals interested in incorporating ice cream productively.

This training, available in Spanish, offers new ideas to pastry chefs and ice cream makers who want to make profitable take-away and home delivery products, two services currently on the rise as a result of the health crisis. Specifically, how to produce and decorate ice cream cakes, ice cream tubs and ice cream sticks will be analysed. In addition, a forecast will be made of the annual yield obtained with products made with Helado Crystal, Carpigiani’s innovative program that allows the easy creation of ice cream-based desserts.