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05 March 2020

Caprice Decor, committed to sustainable self-consumption

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The company, part of the Indipan Group, will self-generate 55.09% of its annual consumption with its new solar panel installation.

InterSICOP exhibitor Caprice Decor has incorporated a photovoltaic self-consumption roof installation comprising 70 solar panels of 335 Wp with a total power of 23,450 Wp. A solar plant that will prevent the emission of 16.36 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere annually, equivalent to planting 33 trees a year.

The Indipan Group, a food distribution company founded in 1969 with the purpose of offering a global service in the hospitality sector, has an annual consumption of 75,739.55 kilowatts per hour. Now, with this action, 55.09% of this energy will be self-produced.