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Can Trull flours from Coromina, for the most demanding bakers

These premium flours are named after the first mill the company built in 1897.

02 Feb 2021

Can Trull flours, which are named after the first flour mill of Harinera Coromina (an exhibitor at InterSICOP), built in 1897, were designed in its Obrador Can Trull for the most demanding bakers seeking a product to set them apart. It is a range that pays tribute to some characteristic values of the company, such as innovation and craftsmanship.

Within this family we highlight three flours: Pirineos, ideal for rustic breads, as it supports long fermentation processes with high hydration and natural sourdough; Pan Gallego, inspired by an old Galician recipe and with a subtle touch of acidity typical of rye, and Garrotxa, recipient of the PITA 2016 food technology innovation award and suitable for making nut breads, raisin breads, etc.