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Cafés Luthier Duets for gourmets

Colombina Supremo-Costa Rica Tarrazú, Brazil-Colombia and Colombina Supremo-Kenya Masai. Three combinations that will satisfy lovers of both strong and smooth flavours.

19 May 2020

At Luthier, an exhibitor at InterSICOP, all the coffees are made from pure, low-caffeine arabica beans, selected at source and roasted naturally by master coffee makers.

Within their wide range we find three Duets: intense, strong and soft. The intense Duet combines Colombina Supremo and Costa Rican Tarrazú, it has a flavour with pronounced acidity and a pleasant aftertaste and is enjoyed both on its own or with milk. The strong Duet, made from beans from Brazil and Colombia, is designed for lovers of classic coffee and is ideal to drink with milk. Finally, the smooth Duet is made up of Colombia Supremo and Kenya Masai, and is designed to be drunk without milk, in order to appreciate its fragrance.