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11 May 2021

Bongard Iberia collaborates with the Baking School Barcelona Sabadell

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The company, which knows the importance of training new bakers, has given equipment and machinery to the Catalonian school.

Bongard Iberia, an InterSICOP exhibitor, has reached an agreement with the Bakers Guild of the Province of Barcelona to transfer cutting-edge machinery to its Baking School Barcelona Sabadell bakery school. The company thus demonstrates its commitment to training new artisans in the sector.

Specifically, Bongard has equipped the school, led by Yohan Ferrant, with one of its flagships, the Orion EVO electric floor oven, as well as the Krystal oven for confectionery and pastries, a sheeter, a mixer, the Blue Moon controlled fermentation cabinet, the Kryo conservator and the Fermentolvain natural liquid fermenting machine.