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Bell, the oven from Europa Forni that puts no limits on creativity

Ultra-compact in size, it is easy to install and has low consumption.

03 Feb 2021

One of the special features of the ovens from Europa Forni, an exhibitor at InterSICOP, is that they are named after the greatest inventors in history. In this case as a tribute to Alexander Graham Bell, a scientist who contributed to the development of telecommunications, the company presents Bell.

This model redefines the concept of rotary oven: ultra-compact, easy and fast installation, very low consumption, etc. It is a good solution for bakers/pastry chefs who want no limits on their creativity and who seek great results in a reduced space on a limited budget. Plus, the ‘freestyle’ version becomes a three-zone rotary electric oven and is able to reduce consumption by between 33% and 66%.