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Barry Callebaut releases a guide to keep businesses running

This white paper will be updated as the health crisis evolves.

22 Jun 2020

With the aim of helping pastry chefs, chocolatiers, bakers and restaurants to maintain the activity of their businesses during the health crisis, Barry Callebaut, an exhibitor at InterSICOP, has presented a manual that can be downloaded free of charge.

The company is aware of the impact that the coronavirus is going to have in these sectors and points out that some changes have already become visible, such as the increase in online orders and home deliveries, as well as the loss of profits due to the cancellation of events and catering services. This is why it has launched this white paper with useful resources for business managers in times of uncertainty to keep staff and customers safe. Specifically, it breaks down into ten useful activities for establishments:

  • Reconsider the products and services offered based on the new needs of consumers
  • Explore other forms of direct communication with customers (website, social networks, Facebook Live, etc.)
  • Hygiene as a top priority
  • Implement an online store
  • Set up a local delivery and takeaway system
  • Ask the most loyal customers for help, encouraging them to buy gift cards or give a tip
  • Support followers and the community
  • Increase communication with customers
  • Keep finances under control
  • Use this time to develop your own skills and those of your employees

As the COVID-19 situation evolves from day to day, this manual will be updated in the coming weeks to offer an analysis of consumer behaviour, tracking short and medium term changes in the food sector.