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07 February 2022

Los Espigas and Famous Bakers at InterSICOP 2022 Technical Bakery Seminars

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CEOPPAN has prepared an engaging programme of demonstrations during the Fair from 19th to 22nd February

The Spanish Confederation of Bakery, Confectionery, Pastry & Allied Industries (CEOPPAN) will again be playing a very active role this year in organising bakery activities at the next edition of InterSICOP, organised by IFEMA MADRID from 19th to 22nd February 2022.

CEOPPAN has organised an ambitious program of demonstrations with outstanding bakers such as Jordi Morera, the fifth generation at L’Espiga d’Or and World Baker 2017, who will talk about soft and wholemeal flours, and the cold. Josep Pascual, international consultant and creator of the Pascual method, will focus on bread decoration and finishing techniques. Carlos Mariel, chairman of Club Richemont, will reveal the secrets of cultured sourdough. Salvador Pla, a renowned expert on baked pastries, will present his Valencian travel sweet Pla pel Món. The renowned Manuel Flecha will be making loaves with 24-48 hour preferments, while Domi Vélez (World Baker 2021), together with Manuel León (scientific director of Arqueogastronomía), will give the session Baetica, patrimonio, pan y vino (Baetica, Heritage, Bread & Wine).

Training is essential for the industry’s future, and bakery schools will not miss this year’s event. Jose Romero from the EPGB will give an in-depth session on conserving and activating sourdough. Tony Valls of the Xavier Vilamala Private Foundation of Bakers will prepare a vegan brioche with cultured sourdough. Yohan Ferrant, of the Baking School Sabadell, alongside Enric Badia and Marta San José, will reproduce the pieces that won them second place in the Mondial du Pain. And Juanma Oribe, from the Biscay Bakers’ School, will give details of the project to recover native Biscay cereal varieties.

On Tuesday, 22nd February, attendees will see the National Artisan Bakery Team, Los Espigas, in action. José Roldán, Francisco Recio, Yamila Novo and Daniel Fecha will showcase their talent and how well they work as a team.

Saturday, 19th February

  • Domi Vélez y Manuel León – Baetica, patrimonio, pan y vino (Baetica, Heritage, Bread & Wine), 11:00-12:00
  • Jose Romero – Preserving & Activating Sourdough, 13:00-14:00
  • Jordi Morera - May the Force [strength] (not always) be With Us: Soft & Wholemeal Flours and the Cold, 16:00-17:00

Sunday, 20th February

  • Josep Pascual - Bread Decoration & Finishing Techniques, 10:45-11:45
  • Carlos Mariel - Secrets of Sourdough Culture & Management for Different Methods, 13:00-14:00
  • Salva Pla – Pla pel Món, 16:00-17:00

Monday, 21st February

  • Tony Valls - Vegan French Brioche with Cultured Sourdough, 10:30-11:45
  • Yohan Ferrant - Breads & Pastries for the Mondial du Pain, 13:00-14:15
  • Manuel Flecha - Bread with 24-48 hour Preferments, 17:00-18:00

Tuesday, 22nd February

  • Los Espigas, 10:45-11:45
  • Juanma Oribe - Project for Recovering Native Biscay Cereals Varieties, 13:00-14:00