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Babbi's range of Gourmet creams is expanded

The company has incorporated the new Krok Cioccolato Latte into its 2021 catalogue.

12 May 2021

Babbi's Gourmet, InterSICOP exhibitor, are soft and versatile creams with a velvety consistency. They can be enjoyed directly from the tub, used as marbling on ice cream, to create creminos, fillings for cakes and semi-frozens, or to enrich cups and soft ice creams. 

In 2021, the firm expands this range of products with the new Gourmet Krok Cioccolato Latte, made with milk chocolate and salted caramelised peanut granules. A combination that provides interesting contrasts between sweet and salty, delicate and intense, soft and crunchy.