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Automatic pumps for industrial production of bakery and pastry

Apt, viscous, dense doughs, cookies doughs, creams, jams, whipped doughs. Pneumatic transfer pump 200lkgr, 600kgr, 1000kgr FOOD INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS 16 Feb 2022

24 Feb 2022

NEW- Industrial solutions for the transfer of Bakery and Pastry dough from your Mixer, Trough or cutter trolley.

Optimal for products: viscous, dense, whipped doughs, Gluten-free, doughs with particles such as chocolate chips or nuts, cookie doughs, dulce de leche, chocolates...etc.

We have a wide range of transfer pumps of different capacities and shapes: round and square that adapt to your mixer from 200kgr, 600kgr up to 1.000kgr.

More information: Telf.938168463