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24 February 2022

Automatic pumps for industrial production of bakery and pastry

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Apt, viscous, dense doughs, cookies doughs, creams, jams, whipped doughs. Pneumatic transfer pump 200lkgr, 600kgr, 1000kgr FOOD INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS 16 Feb 2022

NEW- Industrial solutions for the transfer of Bakery and Pastry dough from your Mixer, Trough or cutter trolley.

Optimal for products: viscous, dense, whipped doughs, Gluten-free, doughs with particles such as chocolate chips or nuts, cookie doughs, dulce de leche, chocolates...etc.

We have a wide range of transfer pumps of different capacities and shapes: round and square that adapt to your mixer from 200kgr, 600kgr up to 1.000kgr.

More information: Telf.938168463