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Asempas creates a guide to establishments with artisanal sweets in Madrid

With this initiative, the Association shows once again its support for traditional pastry.

12 May 2021

The Association of Artisanal Entrepreneurs of the Pastry Sector of Madrid (Asempas), with the support of the General Directorate of Commerce and Consumption of the Department of Economy, Employment and Competitiveness of the autonomous community, has updated its website to adapt to the new consumption habits. Specifically, it has developed two new sections: a section dedicated toMadrid's artisanal sweets and a guide to associated establishments where they can be purchased.

Madrid’s artisanal confectionery includes a great variety of desserts. Some are sold throughout the year, others are associated with celebrations and specific dates, and there are some that are linked to localities such as, for example, the penitentes of Alcalá . In addition, every day it is more common to find gluten-free versions of sweets suitable for coeliacs. As a representation of this great diversity, the new section of the Asempas website currently shows 12 preparations, one corresponding to each month of the year.