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27 May 2021

Arotz Foods: fruit purées for perfect ripeness

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Coconut and watermelon are two of the new varieties the brand is presenting in 2021.

Arotz Foods, an InterSICOP LIVEConnect exhibitor, has added to its line of frozen fruit purées with two new varieties: coconut and watermelon. The products are the result of painstaking selection of fruits harvested when perfectly ripe to guarantee maximum quality and minimum processing for making ice cream, pastries, foods and cocktails.

Coconut purée, with a Brix value of 20º, 7.5% added sugar and a high percentage of fat, is the ideal ingredient for ice cream. It has a wonderful smell and flavour, without the grated texture that is sometimes difficult to work with in creations that require siphoning in pastry and cooking, or in continuous production ice cream parlours.

The watermelon purée is dark red and naturally sweet, with a high Brix value, making it ideal for sorbets, cocktails and chilled soups. For this product, the producer sought out the sweetest watermelons in Spain, which are peeled by hand to maintain their sensory qualities and then sieved to remove the seeds.