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11 June 2021

Anhcea expands its steering committee with nine renowned ice cream makers

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The Association is working on the next edition of the Spanish Ice Cream Championship to be held at InterSICOP.

Nine well-known national ice cream makers in the sector have joined the steering committee of the National Association of Artisan Ice Cream Makers (Anhcea): Brígida Hermida, Eva Tamarit, Marcos Cebrian, Miguel Ángel Morillo, Adolfo Romero, Pablo Galiana, Yon Gallardo, José Manuel Miquel Bravo e Iván Ivars. Trained professionals, full of enthusiasm and eager to do things who, in addition, represent almost all areas of Spain. With this action, the Chairman Marco Miquel is confident that he will be able to meet the “objectives of regional expansion that we set for ourselves four years ago. These nine ice cream parlours will certainly help gain Anhcea more visibility”.

Regarding the challenges set by the Association for the coming years, Miquel announces that they are working on the fourth Spanish Ice Cream Championship that will take place in 2022 at InterSICOP, among other activities.