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19 January 2022

Alere Vital, sprouted wheat flour from Molinos del Duero

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Ideal for use in bakery, confectionery and nut recipes.

Molinos del Duero will present at InterSICOP 2022 its range of Alere Vital sprouted wheat flours. 

These are organic, wholegrain flours, milled in a stone mill and labelled as "clean label". Before being milled, the wheat has been subjected to a controlled germination process over a long period of time to achieve functional characteristics that provide a differential value. 

They are ideal for use in bakery recipes, confectionery and dry products (picos, regañás, etc.) with different dosage depending on the recipe, to provide a differentiated flavour and aroma, greater sweetness obtained in a totally natural way, as well as greater crunchiness and better preservation of the product.

 At the stand, Molinos del Duero will be holding demonstrations with renowned bakers.