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21 February 2022

Albert Roca, Spanish Ice Cream Champion 2022

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The chef and pastry chef has won the competition, held at InterSICOP, with a work that revolves around a trip to the moon.

The ice cream chef and pastry chef Albert Roca has become the new Spanish Ice Cream Champion. This championship, organised by the National Association of Artisan Ice Cream Makers (ANHCEA), was held on 19 and 20 February at the InterSICOP show at the IFEMA MADRID exhibition centre, with Iván Vázquez in second place and Inés Vega in third.

The winner of this fourth edition of the competition presented a work that pays tribute to frozen pastries and classic frozen desserts, with specialities such as crocant, pyjamas and whisky ice cream cake, as well as to the beginnings of cinema. From the combination of both of Albert Roca's passions comes the theme of this work, Viaje a la luna (Journey to the moon). 

In the special prizes section, it is important to highlight Inés Vega, who won the maximum score in four of the five competitions: Best Ice Bucket, Ice Cup, Ice Cream Surprise and Buffet. Albert Roca won the prize for Best Ice Cream Cake.

Roca, who stands as the fourth Spanish Ice Cream Champion, is the owner of the Sant Croi patisseries and ice cream parlours in Barcelona.