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8 tips to create expectations and engagement with your customers before InterSICOP 2021

Start preparing your assistance for the next edition of the fair with these practical tips.

30 Jan 2020

It is necessary to create expectations about what will happen at your stand during InterSICOP, making it an obligatory stop and a "must visit" on the agenda of your customers or new potential customers. Create your content grid for things that are going to happen and send messages to achieve that fabled "engagement" and positive expectations in your audience. If you achieve this, you will get them bringing others to your stand.

1.- Social Networks:

  • Link your post with the profiles of @InterSICOP #InterSICOP21. This way, we can retweet and viralise your post to our entire professional audience.
  • Create your own # exclusive to InterSICOP to activate conversations. It is an excellent way to order a timeline encompassing everything you are going to do.
  • Leverage collaborators or influencers your company works with, or speakers or chefs. Ask them to upload a small audiovisual spot or a testimony about what they are going to do at your booth. It shows closeness, humanity, that they are credible, etc.
  • Land the posts on the landing page that you have created dedicated to your presence at the event.

2.- Reveal something, without telling everything. Make them feel the need to be there when the "package is opened", to trap them with curiosity about "Day x at time x, you will know exclusively ... Save the date"

3.- "Humanise" the call: fancy creativity is not the same as a mini video with the management of your company inviting your customers to visit.

4.- Create a *.csv file so your clients can add something concrete to their calendar on what will happen on a specific day at a specific time. Use it in all your invitations.

5.- Create a story around your presence at the fair, with similes of films, books, historical figures, etc. that stick in people's minds.

6.- Contacts that personally humanise your communications. Avoid anything anonymous.

7.- Customise your invitations both for the recipient and the sender. "Company X invites you to come" is not the same as "Juan X invites you to attend on X date…"

8.- Visitors are looking for "news" and "new products": focus your communication strategy on these aspects to create expectations. "Exclusive presentation of ...", "you will be the first to try ..."

Raúl Calleja

Agrifood Events Director

(+34) 667 80 78 48