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04 February 2022

Over 70% of Spaniards want more variety in plant-based chocolate flavors

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A global study by Barry Callebaut reveals that the main motivations for trying plant-based confectionery are health, taste and bringing variety to the diet.

Barry Callebaut, an exhibitor at InterSICOP 2022, has conducted a global study to understand consumer needs for plant-based confectionery products and, more specifically, milk chocolate. This research claims that only 45% are satisfied with the current market offer.

Millennials and Generation Z, aged 18-44, are more likely to actively seek a plant-based diet. Focusing on the figures for Spain, the report states that 62% of consumers in this age group expect brands to offer a plant-based option, 43% would pay more for such products and 70% believe there should be more varieties of plant-based milk chocolate flavours and textures. And how many consume plant-based chocolate? 48% say they have eaten more of these products in the past year and 53% expect to increase their intake.

The key motivations for trying all types of plant-based chocolates around the world are health (43%), taste (41%) and bringing variety to the diet or trying something new (34%), ahead of other issues such as concerns about climate change and animal welfare. In our country, the causes are similar: health (43%), taste (42%) and variety (34%).