+200 Speakers
50 Spanish cities
48 Partner organizations
46 Entrepreneurship projects
6 Latinoamerican cities

2020-2030 the decade of the cities

In its fourth edition, the Forum of the Cities of Madrid IFEMA will offer a program with a double aspect: a diagnosis of the state of the cities in a year as emblematic as 2020 and a projection of how our cities will live transformation processes to face a key decade that will take us until 2030.

With a multidisciplinary vision and with more than 200 speakers, the Forum will develop with its more than 70 collaborating entities a program where they will highlight the participation of Spanish, Latin American and European cities with their best practices in aspects such as urban planning, planning, public space management, mobility, culture and tourism, renaturation, social innovation and citizen participation, city and childhood, technology and connectivity, circular economy, climate change, air quality, etc.

In parallel to the program, thematic exhibitions, workshops, seminars, presentations, special sessions and showrooms will also be organized.

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