Woman with headband, seated and smiling.
Woman with headband, seated and smiling.

Foro de las Ciudades

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International Speakers
Foro de las Ciudades 2024

Urban transformations for a new social organization

The sixth edition of the Foro de las Ciudades de Madrid will address the main urban challenges from the perspective of new economies and strategies that make possible changes in planning, decarbonization, circularity, digitalization, nature-based solutions, social innovation and new sustainable mobilities. With three auditoriums and more than 150 speakers participating in 26 round tables. In addition, the second edition of the Tree Award will be presented and the third edition of the Exhibition of Good Urban Practices will be held.

Foro de las Ciudades 2024 Labs

These are themed meetings whose main conclusions are subsequently disseminated by the media partners of the Madrid Cities Forum IFEMA and through the Forum's own channels (blogs, social networks, press releases from IFEMA...). These are open meetings, without previous scripts, which aim to achieve a fresh and close debate, and which serve to shape the thematic approaches to the closing of the programme of the fifth edition, which will be held from 18 to 20 June.


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Presentation of Foro de las Ciudades 2022 summary book

The presentation of the summary book of the Cities Forum of IFEMA MADRID took place in the framework of the International Tourism Fair, FITUR 2023, where I debated on how the future of the urban world faces important challenges to lead a globalised and highly competitive context in which cities committed to health and human wellbeing will lead this scenario.

Summary book 2022

Exhibition of good practices at the MADRID CITIES FORUM

The exhibition aims to disseminate and exchange information on projects and plans that are improving our cities and the debate on how to make them more sustainable, green and inclusive. Be part of an exhibition of good urban practices consisting of information panels on:

  • Urban projects that have been implemented, are being implemented or are about to start.
  • Plans or programmes that the organisation is developing or has recently developed.
  • Conclusions of thematic and/or sectoral reports.
  • Research projects.
  • Plans in which the organisation participates with other entities (networks, European projects, etc.).
  • Other contents or approaches that the organisations propose and that fit in with the exhibition.

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Second edition of the Árbol 2024 Award

The Madrid Cities Forum IFEMA MADRID announces the second edition of the Tree Award in its two categories: localities with more than 100,000 inhabitants and localities with less than 100,000 inhabitants.

The Award, whose winners will be announced during the sixth edition of the Cities Forum (18-20 June 2024), aims to recognise the work of two Spanish or Latin American cities in the field of urban nature and new management of green spaces.

Deadline for submission: until 15 March 2024. Click here to access the rules and forms to submit the candidacy.


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