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Forum of cities, urban spaces for well-being and sustainability, organized by IFEMA MADRID, celebrates its next edition from June 14th to June 16th 2022 at IFEMA MADRID, showing itself as the place to know the best urban practices told by its drivers.

Reflection groups

The Forum of the Cities of Madrid IFEMA organizes and leads different Reflection Groups in numerous urban themes. Each of these Groups are formed by the leading organizations in their respective sectors, and their function is to discuss and prepare documents with reflections, ideas and proposals to improve urban sustainability. These documents are presented publicly in the Forum and published in the digital book summary of each edition.

The Reflection Groups of the Forum of the Cities of Ifema-Madrid have two objectives:

Activity program

Check the time and location of the various activities that the fair offers. It will allow you to organize your agenda and optimize your visit time allowing you to enjoy the most of all the events that you consider most relevant.