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IFEMA MADRID can provide a wide range of services that will cover all your needs.

You will be able to book our services through multiple channels.

On line: if you access our Exhibitors’ Area with your username and password, you will be able to book any service included in our Services Catalogue, and they will be delivered directly to your stand.

Email: we can solve all your doubts at lineaifema.expositor@ifema.es. If you want to address specific technical issues, you can contact our team at stecnica@ifema.es.


Tel: 902 22 15 15 | +34 91 722 30 00 (Internacional)

Design and assembly of stands

IFEMA MADRID offers you a unique look, a diverse range of designs, a variety of budgets and total production through the projects prepared by our approved collaborators.

The projects will be developed by a team made up of designers, carpenters, painters, electricians, sign makers, upholsterers, etc. that will take care of the design, construction, logistics, assembly and disassembly of the stand, providing all assistance and technical support during the fair.


Tel.: 902 22 15 15 | +34 91 722 30 00 (International)
E-mail: infodesign@ifema.es


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Graphic decoration for modular stands

If you have decided to participate in the fair with a modular stand, we offer you multiple options to customise it. Our graphic decoration service for stands is totally flexible. We put a team of Advisors at your disposal that will help you define what best suits your objectives at the fair and your brand image.

We have a great diversity of materials to install on your stand: foam, forex, vinyl, canvas, and other alternatives that fit with different types of formats. We install them on the walls or on the furniture such as counters, showcases, etc. You can create your own stand sign or install new posters.

We manage your stand decoration project from the initial definition right up to the day of installation. Get in touch with our Advisors and we will be happy to help you.


Tel.: 902 22 15 15  | +34 91 722 30 00 (International)
E-mail: decoraciongrafica@ifema.es

Furniture & equipment

Choose from a wide range of chairs, tables, counters and displays and other accessories. You can also find cold equipment (refrigerators, freezers), kitchen equipment (microwaves and others) and other devices that help you entertain your visitors (beer taps, water bottles).

We have all kinds of equipment for stands, adapting to all needs in terms of space and equipment.


Tel.: 902 22 15 15 | +34 91 722 30 00 (International)
E-mail: lineaifema.expositor@ifema.es

Promote your brand

IFEMA MADRID is the top operator in Spain and one of the most important in Europe within the international fair and congress industry circuit. Thanks to our activity, IFEMA MADRID has become a preferred partner to make an impact on millions of qualified users.

  • Impact a highly qualified target
  • Generate traffic to your stand
  • Promote your products
  • Drive your brand’s image

IT & connectivity

IFEMA MADRID has the best Wi-Fi network ever installed in Spain.  This investment of €3.4 million means we have the latest Wi-Fi network in all commercial areas of our premises.

Our Technology department can also advise you with any technical questions and all available services, fully adaptable to your needs.


Tel.: 902 22 15 15 | +34 91 722 30 00 (International)
E-mail: telecomunicaciones@ifema.es


If the design of your project requires elements at height, in order to meet your needs and expectations it will be mandatory to work with the maximum security and control measures.

To this end, IFEMA MADRID makes available to exhibitors and assemblers all the rigging products necessary for the execution of their projects. You can access all our services in the IFEMA MADRID Services Catalogue. You can also review our regulations on hangings inside halls.


Tel.: 902 22 15 15 | +34 91 722 30 00 (International)
Email: stecnica@ifema.es


We have the best equipment for multimedia presentations, sound and translation in stands and rooms, with a wide range of technologically advanced products to offer the best possible quality for your event.


Tel.: 902 22 15 15 | +34 91 722 30 00 (International)
E-mail: lineaifema.expositor@ifema.es


Our facilities offer great versatility when it comes to offering any service at any point inside or outside the halls.


Tel.: 902 22 15 15 | +34 91 722 30 00 (International)
E-mail: lineaifema.expositor@ifema.es

Hostesses and support staff

IFEMA MADRID offers you a hostess service to cater to your needs at events:

  • Service at stands
  • Accompaniment at the venue, reception of visits and technical and commercial interpretation.
  • Congresses, technical conferences, product presentations, general meetings, etc.


Tel.: 902 22 15 15 | +34 91 722 30 00 (International)
E-mail: lineaifema.expositor@ifema.es


Transport services, handling and storage of goods.

IFEMA MADRID offers you the services of the fairs and events team at DB Schenker, one of the world leaders in transport and logistics, with proven experience in the most important fairs and events in Europe and worldwide.

The services of DB Schenker cover everything from assistance to the preparation of the shipment, with shipping by land, sea and air, customs management and insurance advice to make your work at the fair easier, with, among other things, deliveries at your stand, unloading your truck and positioning your equipment in your stand, storage of packaging during the fair, or supply of advertising material and your product during the fair.

DB Schenker office at IFEMA MADRID: Hall 7


Tel.: +34 913305177 (International)
E-mail: ifema.madrid@dbschenker.com


IFEMA MADRID offers its customers a temporary import service for goods that will be exhibited at the Fairs and Congresses, making the arrangements through DB Schenker, the company currently authorised to perform such operations on behalf of IFEMA MADRID .


DB Schenker office at Ifema: Hall 7
Tel.: +34 91 174 99 27 | +34 91 174 99 28 (International)
E-mail: ifema.onsite.logistics@dbschenker.com


IFEMA MADRID makes available to our customers the best group of catering companies, approved to offer their services within the premises


Tel.: 902 22 15 15 | +34 91 722 30 00 (International)
E-mail: lineaifema.expositor@ifema.es

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Cleaning and waste management

At IFEMA MADRID, we are committed to the environment and compliance with environmental and waste management guidelines.

We have different types of cleaning of spaces and stands, in addition to adapting to any special needs that may arise during your event.


Tel.: 902 22 15 15 | +34 91 722 30 00 (International)
E-mail: lineaifema.expositor@ifema.es

Forklifts and elevator platforms

You can rent a wide range of forklifts and elevator platforms by the hour, day or week. Our service is fast, efficient and totally flexible to your needs.

If you access the Exhibitors’ Area with your username and password you will find other details of this service in our Services Catalogue.

Tel.: +34 664 503 472 | +34 91 660 19 92
E-mail: carretillasdealquiler@ifema.es

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