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At IFEMA we offer our exclusive online advertising media, providing advertisers a unique way of connecting with our audience. We connect your brand before, during and after the event with different digital formats and ad hoc strategies, enabling you to promote and maintain an advertising presence in the company's different online channels. Check all available formats.


Billboard Sticky

Billboard Sticky


Branded Content

Advertising solutions based on branded content are based on the generation of content linked to a brand, allowing that brand to connect with the consumer.

We help companies convey values, emotions, manners of thinking and elements, perhaps less tangible, but that, with  proper storytelling, may be able to produce that connection. 

We incorporate CTA and event and user interaction measurements.

Social media

Includes posts about your brand on social media covering IFEMA events, so you can reach the most qualified audience, one that already follows us and is interested in the content we offer. Check the packs available and choose the one that best suits your company.


Includes display advertising in IFEMA newsletters. Check available formats and advertise in the newsletter for the event that best suits your product. We have extensive highly qualified databases to help you make a major impact, both domestically and internationally.


If you’re interested in promoting your brand and want to promote yourself on our digital channel, don't hesitate to contact us. A team of specialists will be on hand to assist you.