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31 January 2024

ARCOmadrid 2024 Private Rooms

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Some of the private rooms at ARCOmadrid 2024 that will be designed by different studios.

Sala Fundación – Por Las 2 Mercedes

Las 2 Mercedes is a Madrid-based interior design studio founded in 2012 by Mercedes Peralta and Mercedes Valdenebro. Every one of our projects strives to embody our values of timelessness, warmth and originality. We are a dynamic and professional team, and are focused on the design and development of hotels, restaurants and private homes.

Sala 43 – By deseedesign

At ARCOmadrid, Deseesedesign presents its innovative interior design project in the Anniversary Room.

Every corner of this exclusive space is an expression of art, design and culture, fusing contemporary creativity with functionality. Discover how Deseesedesign redefines spatial narrative, transcending the limits of conventional interior design. At ARCO Madrid, we are proud to present a project that invites you to explore a world where art, design and culture coexist in harmony in the Sala Aniversario of ARCO Madrid.

AVWL - by Natuzzi

Natuzzi Italia embodies the spirit of craftmanship and innovation within the design universe. A philosophy that is defined by the constant search of harmony and beauty characterized by the mediterranean lifestyle, which inspires every creation by the firm.

Art and Design have always shared the same creative language as shown in the Natuzzi space under the artistic direction of the interior designer Manuel Espejo. A space that transports us to the living room of an exquisite art collector and invites you to indulge in a unique universe full of design furniture conceived as art pieces.