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MBFWBerlin-MBFWMadrid alliance

In terms of internationalization, MBFWMadrid has taken a step forward with the agreement reached with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. This collaboration includes, among others, the streaming of the Madrid fashion shows on the official MBFWBerlin channels, as well as other special events aimed at granting visibility to MBFWMadrid on the Berlin runway.
The aim of this event is to create a collaborative space in which, starting with this edition, fashion from other international runways can be presented on the Madrid runway and viceversa, and at the same time continue the process of the international expansion of MBFWMadrid and its designers to new markets. The agreement is a great stimulus for both runways as platforms to promote designers at a global level.


Marcus Kurz Moodboard
Video Der Berliner Salon

Der Berliner Salon

Der Berliner Salon bundles German design talents in order to sustainably promote national and international awareness of design from Germany and to establish a new, sophisticated and at the same time self-confident understanding of German fashion. The appearance of 35 German designers illustrates the relevance of fashion as a cultural and economic asset. Each season, the collections of the selected German fashion talents are presented in the context of the curated group exhibition in Berlin.

Video Der Berliner Salon Otrura


In this international collaboration, OTRURA has been selected to present at MBFW International Edition a preview of its next collection entitled Awakening. Thanks to this agreement between catwalks, OTRURA has had the opportunity to present Spanish fashion beyond our borders during the celebration of MBFWBerlin.