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Acreditación de prensa


The time has come! From 25 March until 30 March you can apply online for press accreditation for the April 2021 edition of #MBFWMadrid.


The application for accreditation is enabled and will be made exclusively through the link below. Once you click on it, you must fill in a registration form for each medium and position, i.e. one for editorial staff, one for photography, one for cameras, etc.

You must attach a letter signed by a person responsible for your media to justify the request for accreditation, in JPG, PDF, GIF, PNG or BMP format.

To complete the process, it is essential that you select the parades that your media outlet wishes to cover, as accreditation is unique per parade and media outlet. Don't forget.


Due to the current situation derived from the COVID19, the MBFWMadrid catwalk will once again have a hybrid format with runway shows and in-person and digital content. For this reason, and in order to maintain the security measures and 0 rows and capacity control, IFEMA has activated the "eticketing" access system, which will allow the press accreditation to be received electronically, previously requested through the website.

The accreditation must be shown at the access controls through the screen of the mobile device, where they will read the barcode.

Remember that you will not have to go to the access desk as this year all accreditations will be handled in digital format.

Press accreditations will be valid for all the shows for which you have requested a pass (accreditations with an exchange system will disappear).

Due to capacity restrictions, it is likely that we will be forced to reduce the number of passes authorised for each media outlet, so please make a forecast of the journalists/photographers of your media outlet before accrediting them. Therefore, please try to register only those journalists and photographers who will be covering the catwalk and whose presence at the shows is absolutely necessary.


Once requested via the website, the approval of the press request is communicated via email, it is not handled automatically with the registration.
The use of face masks is compulsory. Accredited photographers must wear black masks.
The Press Room will not be equipped with computers, so the use of your own work equipment is required.
Photographs of the fashion shows may only be used for information purposes, never for commercial, advertising or promotional purposes.
Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to enter the press area, nor are people who are not identified with their digital badge. 
Any accreditation that does not correspond to your media will be withdrawn as appropriate.
For security reasons, no press badges, lanyards or wristbands will be distributed.


If you have any queries, please contact Gema Ramírez on 91 722 54 03. 

For operational, technical and general enquiries, please contact

Thank you very much... and see you at #MBFWMadrid!