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MBFWMadrid - September 2020

In addition to marking the beginning of the international fashion show season, the high-profile Spanish fashion show brought together over 40 professional representatives of renowned fashion retailers and distributors, plus well-known media outlets from Europe, America, the United Arab Emirates and Asia. It also included two new fashion parades by emerging international designers as part of the Samsung Ego project. The July 2019 event took place from 5th to 10th July at IFEMA and other venues around Madrid, and combined fashion parades and presentations by 42 leading designers and brands, attracting a total of 40,372 visitors.

Once again, MBFWMadrid helped spread the world of fashion in all of its forms throughout the entire city, holding a diverse range of fashion parades and presentations at several Madrid landmarks, and bringing the world of fashion to everyone.

MBFWMadrid in 2020 will take place from 23rd to 28th January and from 23rd to 28th June.

MBFWMadrid, the Spanish design showcase organised by IFEMA, went further than ever before at its 70th event —which took place between 5th and 10th July at IFEMA Hall 14.1, and at other venues across the city — in its goal of internationalizing and bringing Spanish fashion design to the rest of the world.   In total, the event attracted 40,372 visitors.  Of those, 35,705 visited Hall 14.1 at IFEMA-Feria de Madrid