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EGO, a platform for up-and-coming fashion designers, is a biannual event organized by IFEMA within the framework of MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK MADRID, the leading showcase for the Spanish fashion industry around the world.

EGO was born with a goal to promote new designers who understand fashion as a form of expression and as a discipline that is part of the culture of the time with the final goal of reaching the street being accepted by society and thus continuing the path of evolution of discovering new styles and innovating trends.

A space to gather and show alternative ideas that stop being concepts and are turned into trends after research and design to offer the ever-changing world of fashion.

Today, the original philosophy is more alive than ever. EGO considers that fashion creation is a process whose inspiration is born and ends on the street, when the collection is put up for sale. Therefore, Ego renews its commitment to the values of design and understands fashion as a balance between creativity, innovation, technique and functionality.

Since September 2008, the show has been held on the same stage and during the same dates at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid at Feria de Madrid. With the belief that a garment makes sense once a person decides to dress with it, the EGO showroom is a space where young creators exhibit their collections and direct to public sales are open during the duration of MBFW Madrid.

"From the April 2021 edition Allianz Seguros joins Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid as a sponsor of the fashion catwalk and the platform of young designers Allianz EGO, which will celebrate its day on Sunday 11 April closing the 73rd edition of the catwalk, which will run from 8 to 11 April at IFEMA.

The company thus begins a new path in the largest national fashion event, organised by IFEMA, lending its support to the most innovative emerging firms. This collaboration stems from Allianz's commitment to support talent, in particular the young creators who show their collections on this catwalk every edition".

How to participate

Since February 2013, Mercedes-Benz convenes in each edition a prize among the designers participating in the EGO catwalk, called MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION TALENT.

This award gives the winner the opportunity to show their collection in one of the international catwalks sponsored by the brand. A jury of fashion experts is in charge of selecting the winning designer, whose name is announced on the same day as the fashion shows.

In the same way, a young designer winner of this award in another of the international catwalks sponsored by the brand, participates since September 2013 in the EGO fashion show day, in MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK MADRID.

APRIL 2021 EDITION: Fall / Winter 2021/22
Dates: April 8 to 11
Ego Fashion Show Day: April 11
Pavilion 14.1 Feria de Madrid

Designers and brands interested in showing at Ego must:

  1. Prepare a dossier with the sketches of the collection to be presented on the catwalk.

a.   Said dossier, physical and digital, must include:

  • A maximum of 18 looks (minimum of 15).
  • Description or lines of the collection.
  • Materials to be used.
  • It is essential to include photos of finished garments (minimum 3 looks) of the collection to be presented at Ego.
  • Concept of the show: Inspirational Moodboard of the fashion show and scenography proposal (optional), lighting, choreography, music and model acting. 
  • Hair & make up: Inspirational Moodboard and hair and make up proposal.
  • Styling: Inspirational Moodboard and example of 3 complete looks with accessories.
  • Include retrospective work.
  • Include press clipping, if any.
  • Curriculum Vitae of the designer with his/her experience in the fashion world.
  • Indicate explicitly if the collection to be presented will be for Men, Women or Mixed. In the latter case, indicate how many looks of each. There is no possibility of subsequent change.
  • The dossier must be in DIN A4 size, not in any other larger format.
  • Indicate if the collection has been produced following Sustainability parameters.
  • Explain in which processes the brand and the collection are Sustainable.

2.    The following information must also be provided:

  • Name of the brand
  • Name of the designer
  • Mailing address of the showroom or particular with CP and locality
  • E-mail
  • Mobile and landline telephone number
  • Web (if any)
  • Instagram account of the brand (if any)
  • Place of birth
  • Place of residence

The collection to be presented at Ego will not have paraded on another catwalk before, nor will it have been shown to the media before.

The dossier and the requested information will be sent via regular mail to the following address:

Avenida del Partenón, 5 (Edificio de Oficinas. 2ª planta)
28042 Madrid

And via e-mail or wetransfer in PDF format (the maximum size of the dossier cannot exceed 15MB in an e-mail) to the addresses:

  • Prior to the final selection of the participating brands, there will be a checkpoint on an exact date with a certain number of designers and the Ego Committee either at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid offices or by video call.  At this meeting the designer will present his or her proposal and show the garments he or she has already finished. After this meeting the final selection will be made. 
  • The dossiers presented will not be returned to the participants. 
  • If a designer has already participated in three editions of the Catwalk, he/she will not be allowed to participate again.
  • In case of being selected, a commitment of participation between IFEMA and designer will be signed. 
  • IFEMA will provide:  Casting of models, makeup, hairdressing, structure of the catwalk, invitations to the parade, photographs of parade and video of the presentation of the collection. 
  • The selected designer will pay for the cost of the collection, complements, accessories, footwear and shipping of the collection, as well as the cost of the trip to Madrid for the checkpoint with the selection committee. 
  • Ego is a competition for Spanish and foreign designers residing in Spain. 
  • Participation in Ego is free of charge. IFEMA does not charge any fee to the brands to parade. 
  • No reference to the designer's sponsors may appear on the MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK MADRID premises, unless expressly authorized by the Organization. 
  • The deadline for receipt of dossiers is February 16, 2021. 
  • Confirmation of participation will be communicated via email in February.

FEBRUARY 2021 EDITION: Fall / Winter 2022
Dates: To be determined
Pavilion 14.1 Feria de Madrid

Those interested in participating in the Ego Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid showroom, with their clothing collection (there is no section only for accessories) should send:

Via e-mail to and 

  • Images of what they plan to exhibit / sell in PDF format and with a maximum file size of 5MB by e-mail (can be sent in several mails or by wetransfer).
  • It is mandatory to have more than 30 garments in total to sell (counting different sizes). 
  • It is mandatory to have at least 50% of the collection for sale to the attending public.
  • Maximum recommended price of the garments for sale: 200 euros.
  • The following information must be included in the mail: 
  1. Name of the brand
  2. Name of the designer
  3. Mailing address of the showroom or individual with zip code and location
  4. E-mail
  5. Mobile and landline telephone number
  6. Web (if any)
  7. Instagram account (if any)
  8. Curriculum Vitae of the designer 
  9. Date of birth 
  • Sending the application does NOT imply being selected to participate in the showroom.
  • Participation in the Ego showroom is free of charge. IFEMA does not charge any fee to the brands to participate.
  • The Ego showroom is a space for Spanish and foreign designers residing in Spain.
  • The designer agrees to have his collection in the showroom during all the days of MBFWM and to comply with the schedules established by IFEMA (from 10am to 10pm approximately).
  • The designer will sign with IFEMA a commitment of participation.
  • IFEMA will provide the designers who finally participate in the Showroom:
  1. A stand in the Cibelespacio
  2. A coat rack to hang the collection
  3. Chair and counter
  4. A fitting room with mirror
  5. General security in the Showroom
  6. Cleaning
  7. Invitations to Cibelespacio
  8. Promotion of your participation on the website and other media

Showroom EGO

Designers selected for the EGO Showroom