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Fashion committee

The Institución Ferial de Madrid (hereinafter IFEMA), organises la Fashion Show MERCEDES BENZ FASHION WEEK MADRID (hereinafter MBFWM) twice a year.

The conception, implementation and administration of MBFWM is therefore the responsibility of IFEMA.

In order to support IFEMA in its decisions in this area a Fashion Committee (hereinafter the COMMITTEE), whose considerations shall be taken into account by the MBFWM Management designated by IFEMA, which shall be responsible for its management.

In order to define the tasks of the Committee and the obligations of its members, as well as the procedures to be followed, this Internal REGULATION is approved.

Nuria de Miguel - Directora de Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid
Nuria de Miguel
Directora de Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid
Pepa Bueno
Pepa Bueno
Directora Ejecutiva de ACME
Lorenzo Castillo
Lorenzo Castillo
Diseñador de interiores
Ainhoa García Echaniz
Ainhoa García Echaniz
Gerente de la unidad de negocio de Prêt-à-Porter de LOEWE
Natalia Bengoechea
Natalia Bengoechea
Directora de moda de S Moda
Helena López del Hierro
Helena López del Hierro
Directora del Museo del Traje
Concha Díaz de Villegas
Concepción Díaz de Villegas Soláns
Directora General de Comercio y Partenariado del Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Gonzalo Cabrera
Gonzalo Cabrera
Director General de Promoción Cultural
Alexandra Pisco
Alexandra Pisco
Fundadora y CEO de la consultora especializada en moda Pisco & Co.
Rocío Ortiz de Bethencourt
Rocío Ortiz de Bethencourt
Directora General de la Tecnocreativa
Daniel Pérez Barriga
Daniel Pérez Barriga
Consultor Branding y Comunicación Estrategia
Fundador de WaterBoy
Rafael Muñóz
Rafael Muñoz
Editor de moda de RTVE.ES
Andrés Aberásturi
Andrés Aberásturi
Creador de EGO & Fundador de la Agencia Pelonio
  1. Structure
    The COMMITTEE members are:
    • On behalf of IFEMA (as organising entity), at least:
      • a representative appointed by the Regional Government of Madrid; with the right to speak but not to vote.
      • a representative appointed by the Madrid Town Hall; with the right to speak but not to vote.
    • Up to a maximum of 10 fashion experts appointed by IFEMA, with the right to speak and vote.
    • The Committee shall also have a Chairperson appointed by IFEMA, with the right to speak and vote.
    • The Secretarial function of the COMMITTEE will be performed by the person who holds the Management of MBFWM, and shall have the right to speak and vote.
    At least 3 / 4 of the members must be present or represented (when representation is permitted) for the sessions to be heldand in all cases the Chairperson of the COMMITTEE or the MBFWM Management.
    IFEMA may agree to the renewal of expert members every year.

  2. Conditions
    The position of COMMITTEE member is honorary and not paid.

    The members of the COMMITTEE shall attend the COMMITTEE meetings to which they are summoned. When exceptional circumstances prevent them from attending they may delegate their vote to the Chairperson of the Committee or the MBFWM Management. They must also attend all the MBFWM fashion shows, and IFEMA will cover the travel expenses of the members of the COMMITTEE not residing in Madrid as well as their accommodation for the time necessary to attend the the Committee meetings to which they are summoned, to the MBFWM fashion shows and to any other event which they must attend in connection with the performance of their duties as a member of the COMMITTEE.

  3. Functions of the Committee
    The COMMITTEE’s mission is to support the Event Management in the selection of participants. In particular, it will develop, among others, the following functions:
    • The proposal of calendar and content of each MBFWM edition.
    • The proposal of actions for the national and international dissemination of MBFWM.
    • The definition of the evaluation criteria to be included in the Specific Terms and Conditions for participation in MBFWM that shall be established at the first incorporation meeting.
    • The evaluation of the applications for participation in MBFWM presented by the different designers and their decisions on the applications.
    • Participation in the design of the format of each MBFWM edition, including proposals for individual or double shows and designers who could participate in each.
    • Evaluation of each MBFWM edition at its end and proposals for improvement of the following editions. This evaluation will include the review of the presented collections and the analysis of the trajectory and positioning of the brand. Although this is evaluated every six months, the chosen designer is given the possibility of presenting two editions: spring / summer and autumn /winter.
    • The proposal of decisions for the participation applications in each MBFWM edition.

  4. Acceptance of the Designation as a Member of the Committee and Duty of Confidentiality
    IFEMA shall inform the selected experts in writing of their desire to appoint them as members of the Committee, warning them that they must indicate their agreement, in the same way, within a period not exceeding ten (10) business days after receiving the letter containing the designation proposal.

    The acceptance of the designation implies the commitment to comply with this REGULATION, and the understood and accepted acknowledgement of the SPECIFIC TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION IN MBFWM which may apply. Likewise, the acceptance determines the assumption of the duty of confidentiality to which they are subject, in relation to the information accessed in their capacity as member of the COMMITTEE, undertaking not to disclose it to third parties.

  5. Meetings

    The CHAIRPERSON OF THE COMMITTEE will prepare the meetings and will convene the members of the COMMITTEE in writing with notice of a minimum of FIFTEEN working days. This will be accompanied by the AGENDA proposed for the meeting.

    At the beginning of each meeting the CHAIRPERSON of the COMMITTEE or, failing that, the MANAGEMENT of the Catwalk will check the presence and absence of the members and verify that the meeting has been convened according to the requirements established in this REGULATION.

    The COMMITTEE meetings will take place behind closed doors and their discussions on scores and classifications shall be confidential.

    At least two (2) meetings per edition shall be held.

    The meetings will take place at IFEMA at the -Feria de Madrid Exhibition Venue.

    The CHAIRPERSON of the COMMITTEE or the Secretary shall direct the discussions of all the matters on the AGENDA.

    Scores and Decisions:
    The CHAIRPERSON OF THE COMMITTEE or the Secretary shall submit for assessment the different issues included on the AGENDA.

    The committee shall adopt its agreements by simple majority.

    Participation/List of DESIGNERS IN THE FASHION SHOWS:
    The COMMITTEE members shall, in their appraisals, make use of the assessment criteria approved by the COMMITTEE and included in the Specific Terms and Conditions of participation in MBFWM, public testimonials and their own criteria, experience and knowledge of the area.

    Applying such criteria, the COMMITTEE will propose to the Event Management the acceptance or rejection of the requests for participation presented by the designers.

    The Event Management will address the requesting designers in writing, informing them of the decision taken regarding their participation or not, as reflected in the Specific Terms and Conditions for participation in MBFWM. When their request for participation is being considered, the communication shall state the obligation of the designer to comply with the specific terms and conditions of participation in MBFWM and the general rules of participation in IFEMA.

    The MINUTES shall be taken by the SECRETARY of the Committee. The minutes shall include:
    • the date, time and place of the meeting;
    • the names of the attendees
    • the start and end of the meeting
    • the proposed motions in writing;
    • the decisions taken in writing;
    • a summary of the discussions that the CHAIRPERSON of the Committee, or, in his/her absence, the MANAGEMENT of the event deems necessary.

    The MINUTES shall be presented for the signatures of the COMMITTEE members once the sessions have ended.

    The undersigned declares knowledge of the Regulations of the MBFWM Fashion Committee, as well as the Specific Terms and Conditions of Participation in MBFWM, in addition to the General IFEMA regulations, accepts them and undertakes to observe them in full.