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Interview with Nuria de Miguel, MBFWMadrid Director

What was your first thought when you heard about the possibility of collaborating with MBFW Berlin to contribute to the internationalization of your network? That it would be a fantastic event. Not only because it allows us to advance in our goal of the internationalization of MBFWMADRID, but also because it is an alliance with the Berlin runway, which will bring us closer to a potentially important market for Spanish fashion, such as Germany.

16 Sep 2021

Why is it important to create synergies within the different MBFWs and a network that works across national borders?

We live in a globalized world and so it is essential to open up to other markets and let the world know about the talent of Spanish creators. In addition, as we are all connected, digitalization and connection with other parts of the world and with other gateways has become fundamental. That is why we believe in the importance of this collaboration.

How did the selection of the respective designers/brands come about?  

At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid we decided that Otrura would be the firm to represent the Spanish fashion runway at MBFWBerlin, due to having been the winner of the award for the best collection in April 2021 and for its strong brand values: Sustainability, Identity and Contemporaneity. I believe that its philosophy and fashion concept will be of interest to other audiences and markets. 

How do you see the future of MBFW and each of its venues? What opportunities do you see in combining digital and physical formats and shows? And, in general, in what direction would you like the event to go?

At MBFWMADRID we are firm supporters face-to-face runway shows, as long as health conditions allow it, and the hybrid format, in which face-to-face presentations are complemented by digital formats. In the middle of the pandemic, we adapted the runway format to health conditions, toward a hybrid format and we were the only runway in the world that maintained the presence of its runway show in its September 2020 and April 2021 editions, accompanied by presentations in digital format.

I believe that the hybrid format is the perfect formula for the presentation of collections. The digital resources that we all use in the pandemic are to stay and are essential today to exponentially expand the audience and enrich the viewer's experience, without losing sight of the fact that fashion has an important emotional factor and face-to-face fashion shows are the biggest generators of emotions.              

What would you like for future collaboration in different MBFWs?

My desire is for these collaborations can be maintained over time and expanded. These synergies have a very positive effect on the fashion industry in each country and on the designers who participate in these fashion weeks and their international reach.