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  More than 10,000 professionals attend the SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS FORUM, FSMS 2016

Foto More than 10,000 professionals attend the SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS FORUM, FSMS 2016

A total of 740 participating companies, 262 direct exhibitors from 27 countries, exhibited their highly innovative content at the TECMA, SRR, ESCLEAN and ENVIFOOD Meeting Point trade shows.

The CITIES FORUM OF MADRID, whose slogan was “Cities for Living”, brought together more than 200 speakers, 30 Spanish and five Iberian American cities, 1,100 professionals and participation from 50.

FSMS hosted an extensive schedule of parallel seminars and the awards ceremonies for the Best Design for Urban Equipment for Play Areas, Madre Tierra (Mother Earth) and Escobas (Brooms) for the cleanest cities.

The SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS FORUM, FSMS 2016, organised by IFEMA, on 15 and 17 June, in Halls 2 and 4, and the outdoor exhibition area at FERIA DE MADRID, was a resounding success. A total of 10,470 attendees from 38 countries had an opportunity to learn about the innovative products and services offered by 740 participating companies, 262 direct exhibitors from 27 countries, and to attend an extensive schedule of conferences, panel discussions and other seminars, over a three-day event, alongside the trade exhibition. As well as a great turnout from visitors and companies, FSMS brought together the main entities and associations from the four sectors involved and represented under the umbrella of sustainability, through TECMA, the 18th International Town Planning and Environment Trade Fair, the 5th International Recycling and Recovery Trade fair, SSR, sponsored by FER and AEDRA, the 2nd Hygiene & Cleaning Trade Show, ESCLEAN sponsored by AEFIMIL and the 2nd ENVIFOOD Meeting point, backed by FIAB and AECOC. At this recent edition of FSMS, efforts were made to harness synergies among the four events and their respective sectors, helping to boost business opportunities and raise the professional profiles of visitors. It was also an opportunity to strengthen the capability of the municipal sector in Spain, Portugal and Iberian America, the main markets of interest to FSMS exhibitors.

TECMA was also a prominent part of the CITIES FORUM, whose motto was “Cities for living”, offering essential solutions to problems facing today’s cities. A space for debate, with more than 200 speakers from thirty Spanish and five Iberian American, two Portuguese and one French city, 1,100 participants in debates, and representatives from 50 national and international bodies.

The 10,470 trade attendees at the SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS FORUM, FSMS 2016, represented an increase of 14.2% over the visitors to the previous edition in 2014. A total of 93.5% of all attendees were from different parts of Spain, such as the Community of Madrid (46.6%), followed by, in this order, Catalonia (9%); Andalusia (8%); the Community of Valencia (7.2%); Castilla y León (5.10%), and Castilla La Mancha (4.4%). Also, at this edition, FSMS ran alongside the 19th edition of the Energy and Environment International Trade Fair, GENERA, a decision that benefited both events by boosting visitor numbers.

The second edition of the CITIES FORUM OF MADRID, with special collaboration from Madrid City Council, focused particularly on entrepreneurship, above all the green and social types, this space for debate being highly focused on social innovation. For the first time this year, the FORUM had a Speakers’ Corner feature as well as the control programme conferences, dealing with different aspects of urban development.

This second CITIES FORUM OF MADRID underlined the interest in discussing and sharing ideas about the present and future of cities in Spain and around the world.

The CITIES FORUM OF MADRID confirmed its commitment to explore new formulas for managing our cities with criteria of habitability, innovation, sustainability and inclusion. More than 50 organisations of all types collaborated and participated in the event, with special collaboration from several Iberian American cities such as La Paz, Panama City, Quito and Buenos Aires, thanks to an agreement with the Union of Iberian American Capital Cities (Unión de Ciudades Capitales Iberian Americanas, UCCI).

Likewise, and thanks to the participation of the FEMP, ICLEI, Network of Cities for the Bicycle (RECI) or Network of Cities that Walk, more than 30 Spanish cities, many of them represented by their mayors, also had an opportunity to present projects in fields such as urban design, water, waste management, the circular economy, energy efficiency, the urban landscape, sustainable mobility or the use of new technologies. Some of the cities in attendance were Madrid, Soria, Seville, Córdoba, Orense, Hospitalet de Llobregat, Santander, Malaga, Gijón, Fuenlabrada, Bilbao, Valladolid, Cuenca, San Sebastián, Pontevedra, Burgos, Palma, Valencia, Alicante, Murcia, Tarragona, Rivas Vaciamadrid and Rubí, among others, as well as Lisbon and Narbonne.

However, the unifying focus of the entire event was social innovation as a lever to transformation towards a new governance and a new, more active role for citizens. Of the three spaces for debate at the FORUM, one of them focused exclusively on presentations of new social innovation products, entrepreneurship in the green economy and citizen participation. This focus, as well as an extensive debate on the new urban agenda with organisations such as ONU Habitat, BID or the European Commission, reflected the complexity of urban challenges for the coming years and, at the same time

. Sector recognition
The FSMS umbrella is an opportunity for some of the trade fairs to recognise their respective sectors, with several prize giving ceremonies. In the case of The Technical Association for Waste Management and the Environment, ATEGRUS, on 16 June it handed over the traditional Platinum, Gold and Silver ‘brooms’ to the cleanest Spanish and Iberian American cities in the framework of TECMA, the event was chaired by Mexican ambassador Roberta Lajous and the Mexican ambassador Federico Ramón Puerta. This time the acknowledgements in the different categories went to Spanish municipal areas Badajoz, Lérida, San Sebastián, Oviedo, La Coruña and Vigo; and to a number of Iberian American towns, particularly in Mexico (Morelia, Querétaro, San Luís Potosí, Aguascalientes…).

Also within TECMA, the 4th edition of the Best Design for Urban Equipment for Play Areas Awards were organised by the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Urban Furniture and Playground Areas, AFAMOUR. This time the accolade went to Molder Disnova, the company responsible for designing a modular rockodrome. New at this year’s edition was the inclusion of the Urban Furniture Showroom, which featured 13 companies with unique and innovative contents, as well as the aforementioned competition.

In the meantime, the Spanish Federation of Recovery and Recycling, FER, granted, in the framework of SRR and its Congress, its “Mother Earth” award to the programme “Julia en la Onda” by radio station ONDA CERO, in recognition of its strong commitment and decided defence of environmental protection, recycling and health, and its important contribution to disseminating environmental values to our society”. The award “A life devoted to recovery” was also handed out in recognition of a career spanning more than 40 years in Cordoba to Tomás Ramírez of Hymcor.

At the same time, the Spanish Food and Drink Industry Federation, FIAB handed out its new Energy Efficiency Award as part of the ENVIFOOD Meeting Point.

As well as these awards, FSMS was the setting for a busy schedule of professional meetings, such as the 14th National Recycling and Recovery Congress, organised by FER; the 7th National Meeting on End-of-Life Vehicle Management and Recycling; that of the Spanish Association for Environmental Processing by the VFU, SIGRAUTO; the Seminar on the New Regulation on Infrastructure for Quality and Environmental Safety, by the Spanish Association of Control Bodies, FEDAOC; the ENVIFOOD Meeting Point Congress, held under the banner “Let's feed a Sustainable Future” by the Spanish Food and Drink Industry Federation; the Entrepreneurial Cleaning Seminars by AELMA, or the Facility Managers meeting of ESCLEAN, among others.

IFEMA is already working on the third edition of the SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS FORUM, FSMS 2018, which will take place at FERIA DE MADRID from 13 to 15 June 2018.

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