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The creative world of Spanish fashion gathers at the 66th edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid.

Spain's major fashion event, organised by IFEMA, will be taking place from 14th to 19th September. On the 14th the fashion parades and presentations will take place at different places in the city, and from the 15th to Tuesday the 19th the fashion parades will take place in Hall 14.1 of IFEMA-Feria de Madrid. Some days will feature presentations and parades in other places of Madrid.

The calendar of this meeting will hold the parades of 47 creators and brands. This edition the general programme includes Palomo Spain, García Madrid, Isabel Núñez, Juan Carlos Pajares, Maria Clé, ManeMané, Pepa Salazar and Chromosome Residence.

Noticia Prensa IFEMA G

The fashion show will again be receiving strong support from leading brands in their respective sectors. A total of 24 brands will be sponsoring the event. Mercedes-Benz, L’Oréal Paris and INDITEX will once again be the main sponsors.

The creative world of Spanish fashion gathers at the new edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, between 14th and 19th September. For six days this new edition of the biggest Spanish design showcase in the world, organised by IFEMA, will present proposals from the biggest fashion creative names in our country, including new talents, confirming the huge wealth and creative diversity that exists today.

The calendar parades will take place between the 15th and the 19th in Hall 14.1 of IFEMA-Feria de Madrid, and as a novelty some days are complemented with presentations and parades in other places of Madrid, by direct invitation from the designers. One day before, on the 14th, the parades and presentations will take place out of IFEMA, also by direct invitation of the designers. This day, Roberto Verino will repeat his fashion parade concept, see now, buy now, this time at the crystal balcony of the Palace of Cibeles, where its ManeMané parade will also take place. Furthermore, Palomo Spain, one of the new big talents of Spanish fashion that is included in the calendar of the general programme of this edition, will introduce his collection at Wellington hotel on 14th September in the afternoon.

On the other hand, in this edition the brand Desigual will change its participation format in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid catwalk, becoming a platform which allows to develop alternative ways to present its collections while responding to the challenges and demands of a changing environment. Therefore, on 14 September, on the opening day, Desigual will invite a group of new Spanish designers to show their creations combined with the items of the 2107 Autumn/Winter collection of the brand, in an exercise of inexhaustible imagination. The facility will be open to the public, morning to afternoon, in the concept store El Paracaidista in Calle de la Palma, 10.

The day will be completed with a number of talks and conferences in the same space where the young creators participating, members of Desigual staff, as well as other relevant names of the fashion industry in our country will participate, sharing their knowledge, concerns and responses in a clear exercise of support to talent, entrepreneurship and creativity. A day aimed at becoming a benchmark of appointments with fashion in Madrid.

In addition to Palomo Spain, in this edition the general programme also includes the designers García Madrid, Isabel Núñez, Juan Carlos Pajares and Chromosome Residence. These last three with presentations in different scenarios of Madrid. Therefore, the calendar of this gathering will hold the parades of 48 creators and brands.

These names, together with those of the creators participating in other editions will allow to show the diversity of the creative discourses and codes offered today by Spanish fashion, with the same status as other international platforms and will contribute to consolidate Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid as one of the major events in the fashion world. Furthermore, this new Mercedes-Benz-Fashion Week edition will again evidence the critical support that this catwalk, organised by IFEMA, has offered for over thirty years to Spanish fashion, progressively including in its programme the most important national designers of the time. Since its inception in February 1985, the MBFWMadrid fashion show has hosted the fashion parades of more than 300 Spanish designers.

Furthermore, MBFWMadrid will have a interesting off programme, where in different places of Madrid there will be other fashion shows not included in calendar, both the day before its celebration —12th and 13th September—, where the presentations of Duarte Madrid, Miguel Marinero, Pilar Dalbat and Moisés Nieto will take place, and on the days following the parades of the official calendar —21st September—, with the presentations of Euphemio Fernández and The Stoat.

Ulises Mérida opens the calendar of fashion shows in IFEMA
On Friday 15th September, at 10:00 hours, the creator Ulises Mérida will open, at Bertha Benz Room, the calendar of fashion shows in Hall 14.1 of IFEMA, with the presentation of his 2018 Spring/Summer collection. In this edition, the first four days of the catwalk will hold the presentations of collections from designers of the Association of Fashion Creators of Spain (ACME), as well as of other creators not members of this Association. Alvarno, The 2nd Skin and Marcos Luengo.

The best emergent Spanish design, in Samsung EGO
As usual, the last day of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid fashion show programme will address the emergent design of Samsung EGO, a key element for the regeneration of Spanish fashion that, in its eleven years running, has become an intermediary between young talents and the fashion industry, the media and textile companies.

The opening of the programme of parades of the 24th edition of Samsung EGO will be held by Zap&Buj, with its Wall Dress collection, the brand winning the eight edition of the Samsung EGO Innovation Project Award, which places value on the project of emergent designers joining fashion and technology in any of its creation phases.

The double parades of this Samsung EGO edition will then take place, with the participation of 9 young Spanish creators —5 already present in previous editions and 4 new—, as well as with the international brand Áeron, from Budapest MBFWeek Central Europe, within the framework of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent Prize. This Award gives the winners an opportunity to present their collection in another of the international catwalks of the circuit sponsored by this car brand.

In addition, during the celebration of the MBFWMadrid, five young designers will present their creations in the Showroom of Samsung Ego of the Cibelespacio.

Art and Fashion in this edition
Art and fashion go hand in hand in this MBFWM edition. The catwalk pays its tribute to the Russian artist, Sonia Delaunay, with the collaboration of IED, coinciding with the celebration at the Thyssen Museum of the monographic exhibition about this artist, that performed painting, fashion and design, with boundless creativity during the time she lived in Madrid, in the early 19th century. For this tribute, several months ago the IED launched a design competition for T-shirts among its students. The winning design inspired in this artist of the Russian Avant-Garde will be the image of the uniform of the hostesses in this MBFWMadrid edition and the finalist designs will be included in an exhibition that may be visited in the Cibelespacio of MBFWM, in Hall 14.1 of IFEMA.

Awards for the best Spanish Fashion
As usual, the MBFWMadrid catwalk will be also held again in its 2017 September edition, the big fashion platform where major names and new talents of Spanish fashion are awarded. With the sponsorship of L’Oréal, the best consummate designer and the best model will be designated, with the support of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, to the most outstanding emergent designer. In addition, the catwalk will be the scenario for presenting the abovementioned winning project of Samsung Ego Innovation Project.

In addition, the next MBFWM edition will once again have a programme of invited international press, as in previous shows, with journalists specialising in fashion from all around the world taking part. Furthermore, the MBFWMadrid platform, organised by IFEMA, has organised a programme of international buyers, representing outstanding points of fashion sale and distribution from different countries.

MBFWMadrid September 2017 will also have a significant support from sponsoring brands. In total, 24 brands will be sponsoring the event. Mercedes-Benz, L’Oréal and Inditex are its main sponsors; Samsung, Anna de Codorníu, Iberia, Solán de Cabras and Ciroc, sponsors; Facebook/Instagram, Hotel Barceló Torre de Madrid, ESNE, Rowenta, Kaiku Caffé Latte, Schweppes, Maribel Yébenes and Rodilla, collaborators and Signus and Ecoembes, as sustainable entities, in response to the commitment of MBFWMadrid to sustainability. There will be also other brands, such as Lord Wilmore, Elephant&Castle, Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), Bismärkk, Vinos Avenencia and Francisco de Vitoria University, which will be also supporting this platform's upcoming edition.




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